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Since 1995, New River Foundation has been the leading environmental organization working to improve and protect the environmental health of the New River/White Oak River Basin through advocacy, education, water quality monitoring, and collaborative partnerships. We use a "work with" approach to resolve pollution issues that threaten our rivers. New River Foundation prides itself in balanced advocacy that helps people understand that the area's economic health is dependent upon New River's environmental strengths. New River Foundation addresses threats to water quality in our rivers from sewage spills, sewage discharges, toxic sediments, mercury, storm water pollutants, hog lagoons, poultry pollutants, agricultural mishaps, dredging spoils, fertilizers, and abuse from discarded trash.

The "rich and powerful history" of the New River Foundation helped collaboration efforts with statewide environmental organizations. New River Foundation stepped up time and again to provide testimony when needed for legal challenges against polluters. We remain in a proactive mode against polluters. We prefer to get all the facts before releasing a media statement. We believe the public has "a right to know" accurate information.

What Distinguishes New River Foundation's Work?

Locally-focused: We are the most effective grassroots environmental non-profit organization whose sole focus is "restoring and protecting the New River/White Oak River Basin."

Science-based: The positions we take on issues are supported by confirmed data from scientists and local government officials.

Pragmatic: We are result-oriented, striving for measurable outcomes that protect the environment.

Collaborative: We know that protecting our rivers is a community effort, so we work closely with scientists, government officials, businesses, residents, and other partners to ensure that our rivers are clean, healthy, and safe.

Education & Outreach

Education & OutreachNew River Foundation strives to teach our younger generations about the wonders of the natural resources that are right here in our backyard. We encourage our students to become passionate environmental leaders of our watershed by teaching them about water quality and our watershed's unique aquatic life. Our New River Otter Program encourages and supports our youths' desire to know more about "the river that runs through us." Onslow County is unique in that our river begins and ends in our county. We must teach our students how significant it is and the responsibility we have to the river that starts and ends in Onslow County. Their knowledge and support is vital to the strength and future health of our watershed!

Our publications, web site, news features, and special events educate and encourage those who live, work, and play on New River/White Oak River Basin to participate in its restoration and protection. Unlike some estuaries, the White Oak River Basin isn't dying, but it is suffering from a lot of unnecessary pollutants such as wastewater treatment plants, storm water, and agricultural run off. Our problems are manageable if we work on them together! It is vitally important that all our friends, members, supporters, and volunteers continue their activities towards improving the health of the White Oak River Basin.

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