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New River Otters

December 2010

The New River Otters were bused from Sturgeon City to Topsail courtesy of the Boys Scout bus !  The Otters, NRF Otter coordinators (Tara & Lynnise), Mike Sanderford, Jim Wheeler and Janet Hobbs courageously combed the beach for debris and treasures.

New River Otters on Topsail 

Reporting more treasures than debris on the beach after a couple hours everyone was ready for the bus ride back to Riverworks.  Soup and sandwiches and hot chocolate sounded really good to students and leaders. 




Crafting at Sturgeon City

The Otters spent some more time at Riverworks to explore Sturgeon City and make some craft projects from their beach finds.   These were really neat Christmas gifts at little cost and truly made from their hands and heart. 

The New River Otters

The next Otter event will be announced in January.  Please call the NRF office (910-937-0877) or email us if you know someone who may be interested in becoming an Otter that is age 13 thru 17. 

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Check out the latest video from the New River Otters Trash-to-Treasure Recycled Art Contest!

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We cannot hope for change without education.The New River Otter Program serves ninth through twelfth graders in Onslow County emphasizing the importance of watershed restoration & protection. We invite students to participate in water activities including water quality monitoring and field research. Through the Otter program, we are able to educate the next generation about the value of the rivers that are often found right in their backyard!

Our newest Education Coordinators are (from left to right) Lynnise Raynor and Tara Conway-King. They have planned an exciting 2010-2011 agenda for all high school students in Onslow County!

Dr. Nelson Hare, a New River Foundation Board Member, has generously helped us restructure the Otter Program. He is a vital part of this program with his knowledge, expertise and communication skills with students. Dr. Hare worked with Jacksonville High School to designate his classroom as the official New River Otter Saturday Classroom.

Jacksonville High School – Building 3, Room 32 is a pretty cool place for the Otters to call home!




Become an Otter

If you would like more information about becoming a New River Otter, please contact New River Foundation at 910.937.0877 or email


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